My pictures are very accurate, my hair is the same length, my face looks just as beautiful in person, and I work out regularly to maintain my physique in top shape... Yes, some pictures are older then others, but as you can tell I look just as great in all of them. I try to update my pictures every few months. 

I am a completely independent provider, when you contact me either by phone or email, it is me directly who you will be communicating with. Since I am independent I do network with other independent providers, and on occasion I may bring a friend with me, but this is ONLY after our initial meeting and I feel that it will be a safe and fun experience for everybody.

I'll take this as a two part question. I have an extensive list of cities I like to visit frequently. They include: DC, Miami, NY, Boston, Chicago, LA, Central TX, Orlando. You can see my scheduled travel in my calendar page. But if by travel you mean, go on a weekend getaway with you or even longer, then Yes. I would love to spend an entire weekend with you doing a little shopping, a little sight seeing, some fine dinning with a bottle of wine, and most importantly, pampering you in every way and treating you like the King you are... Your generosity is very important to me and no gesture will go unnoticed... 

If you go to my "Let's Meet" page, you will see a secure appointment request form. I require that you provide me with a few things like name, age, ect. In addition I have listed one of the three screening options I prefer, you only have to choose 1, but if you provide me with more info it will be easier for me to screen you. If you cannot complete the second part of my screening form please indicate why in a follow up email so that I know you didn't overlook this section. I will try my best to accommodate you, if you don't have all the screening requirements.

IMPORTANT: For same day appointments call me at my cell phone 510-688-3043. Sometimes I can't get to my emails on the same day.

Yes, for a few reasons.

1) I need to make sure that you are a gentleman. I am a lady, and my safety is very important. I would hate to expose myself to dangerous company for lack of screening.

2) My time is very valuable, I am constantly bombarded with emails and calls. I need to know that you are serious about meeting, my screening helps to "weed out" the people that only want to talk and email from those that are genuinely interested in meeting. This allows me to focus more time on you instead of wasting time with other people that have no intention of meeting.

3) I've introduced myself to you, so now I would now like to know about YOU before we meet.

Because I value discretion and privacy I do not accept electronic payments or credit cards. On special circumstances I may accept Bitcoin as a partial payment or for extended appointments. Please keep in mind that I will require an additional 10%-20% fee in addition to regular rates.

The San Francisco Bay Area, is my home. I do not host incalls from my home because I feel that I would loose my sense of privacy and get unwanted attention. When you contact me to schedule an incall I will host in an upscale hotel room. I do not meet with more than one person a day so if I get a hotel room for incall it doesn't benefit me financially to meet for only one hour. I understand that not everybody can meet for 2 hour incall or budget for 2 hour appointments but it's my personal choice to remain low volume. My time and company are valuable and I suggest outcall for one hour engagement request.